About Rraine Drops

I’m “awakened”, now what.  I’ve heard so many different people talk about how they became awakened.  They speak of it as if it was a onetime event and then they are enlightened for the rest of their lives.  After awakening, there are no more issues to work through and everything is perfect, loving and blissful.  I believe it can happen this way, but I think it’s rare.  I think awakening is more of a process, a journey, easy some days and a struggle other days.  I think there are layers like an onion of false beliefs, held resistances, and hidden emotions that need to be discovered and experienced.  There are moments of awakening and then back to the next layer of the onion to examine and experience.  I think the concept that awakening or enlightenment happens in a single point in time is discouraging.  How many people are actually on this path and think they aren’t doing it right or failing just because they struggle along the way?  What if you are actually exactly where you need to be?  What if you are discounting all that you have learned and the growth you have made because you aren’t seeing it as a journey over time?  What if you are forgetting who you truly are because your life doesn’t look the way someone else thinks it should?  This is how I experience it.  Am I present all the time?  No.  Do I have it all figured out?  No.  Somedays do I feel like I haven’t learned anything?  Yes.  Somedays do I just want to give up and not be an adult?  Yes.  But, the changes in my life, my relationship, my body, and my knowing are amazing.  They can’t be denied, even on the toughest days.  I still struggle, but I learn and leave the struggle behind so much faster than I ever thought possible.  I feel deeper. I experience more. I crash harder.  I question everything.  I recover faster.  I’m healthier and stronger than I’ve ever been in my entire life.  I am fully human.  In my opinion, this is awakening.  I decided to start this blog for two reasons.  One is that I believe others are on a similar journey even if they haven’t been actively seeking it and they might enjoy reading about mine.  The second reason is that even if this is more “spirituality” than some people may want, they still want to see where this adventure leads out of love or just plain curiosity.  In whatever level or capacity you would like join me in, I am glad you here with me on this portion of my journey.

(c) all rights reserved Kimberly Fiore

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