Day 13

I woke up too early because all my neighbors walk like elephants and then bang things and slam doors.  I opened the windows to the fresh morning sounds of jack-hammering.  Soon they quit that and moved on to saw cutting things.  It’s way less annoying than jack-hammering.  But it was still 8 hours of cutting.

I had two decent dizzy spells where I thought I might fall over or black out.  I need to really take my time standing up.  Everything I do leaves me very winded.  My weight went up today.  huh.  Nausea is now my almost constant companion.  I don’t think I’m going to make it for 18 days.  I’m not even sure I will make it through tomorrow.  The eczema on my face has almost cleared up.

I napped – kinda – in the middle of the day.  I remember as I laid there trying to sleep that my skin smell had changed again.  It was kind of like cinnamon.  When I got up from the nap it didn’t have a smell at all.  Can you dream smells?

I did a skype call with Pam.  Again, so great and helpful to connect with those I love.

I went downstairs for art therapy which was coloring.  It was nice for a bit, but an hour was more than enough time sitting upright.

Then there was some random crying throughout the day.

(c) All Rights Reserved Kimberly Fiore

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