Blah (Day 14)

Last night was the worst so far.   I felt hungry.  My stomach hurt and I felt like I might throw up.  I got restless leg.  No position I got in was comfortable.  Nothing I did would ease the upset stomach.  I laid in bed for hours whimpering until I finally fell asleep.

This morning I felt better, but not great.  The eczema on my face is almost gone.  Nausea is not going away.  I dropped another pound.  I had a few dizzy spells which are kind of scary.

My activities were tiny even though each one took monumental effort to do.  I sat in the sun until I got dizzy.  I looked for the King Snake, but didn’t see him.  I tried to nap.  There was about 6 hours of saw cutting today – they must have quit early because it’s Friday – ah, there’s hope for the weekend.  I went on an ice mission.  I wanted to re-watch the Despicable Me movies, but Netflix only has Despicable Me 3, not the first two.  What is wrong with Netflix?  I’m thinking of canceling Netflix.  I had a session with my awakening teacher.  That was very helpful.  Mostly I laid around and thought about doing stuff, but decided it was all too much.

As I started to feel worse in the evening again, I decided I was done.  I’m calling it.  Tomorrow I will start back on juice.

(c) All Rights Reserved Kimberly Fiore

3 thoughts on “Blah (Day 14)

  1. Shirley

    I think 14 days sounds like a great accomplishment. Hope you feel like you got to where you wanted to be even with not going longer.


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