Water Water Water

I leave to go home tomorrow.  I’m going to spend the day with my friend Bonnie in Sedona before heading out.  I’m very excited to spend some time with her.  Overall, I am so ready to go home.  I’m ready to stop having conversations about cancer, healthcare and healing.  However, I’ve made some friends and am sad to say goodbye.

I have had so much energy the last couple days.  I feel good.  I’m happy.  I feel healthy.  It’s been easy to get up in the morning.  I want to do everything.  Before I came here, I was doing a lot of work to regulate my autonomic nervous system and to work on ptsd.  I wondered what fasting might do for the nervous system.  I had never read anything on that.  I’m thinking this is big.  I’m thinking there was a reset and a balancing of the nervous system.

My dreams haven’t been as intense.  I’m very hungry and feel like I can’t quite get enough food.  I’m not sure if that is just because I’m refueling or if it’s a bit of food addiction.  I really want to start snacking.  I miss popcorn.  I miss cheese.  I want tacos.  I’m still sniffly so my allergies aren’t gone, but they may be better.  I will re-test in a few months to see if diabetes is still not a problem – I feel very confident that will be the last I see of it.  It might be a couple of months before we have a better idea what happened to the fibroids too.  So, I’ll post about that when I know.

Yesterday we did some driving up Oak Creek Canyon and stopping at interesting spots on the way.  Today we decided to go back up and go to Slide Rock park since we didn’t have enough time yesterday.  It was a fun three days of playing in the water!

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One thought on “Water Water Water

  1. suzisf13@gmail.com

    So great to hear you so positive, Kim!! It sounds like you made enormous progress in so many ways. Have a safe trip home.

    Lots of love, Suzi

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