A couple days ago, I felt like I was getting a cold so the doctors mixed up an herbal tincture for me.  I feel a lot better.  I’m now on full meals here.  I probably could have gone home by now, but I extended my stay thinking I could do 18 days of fasting.  I didn’t fast that long, but now I’ve already paid to stay longer so I’m just taking it easy and hoping the good food continues to help me heal.

I’ve been having a little trouble with digestion, but not too much.  The bowels get a little irritated.  But, overall, I think it’s going well.  My appetite is definately back.  I feel like I could eat more often than the meals allow.  I’m very hungry and ready to eat when it’s meal time.  My eczema is back.  So, is my face soap or lotion doing it or is it something I’m eating?  The soap and lotion is what was recommended by a dermatologist, but I’m thinking that is the culprit.  I tried deodorant one day and had body odor by the end of the day.  I decided to go without for a few days and have had no body odor since.  Interesting…….

I’ve been working a few hours a day, resting, and reading.  I’ve been able to get out and do some very easy hikes also.  So, this blog is less about fasting and more about pretty pictures:

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3 thoughts on “Sedona


    I see you found all the spots you and I talked about… hope you enjoyed them. It looks like you did! You were even at Rachel’s Knoll. Did it look familiar??

    We love you, sweetheart, and hope your trip back home is pleasant and uneventful.

    xoxoxox, Suzi Sent from my iPhone


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