Tacos (Refeeding Day 2)

I felt much better this morning even though I didn’t sleep well.  I have quite a bit more energy, surprisingly more for only having had 8 cups of juice yesterday.  I didn’t get nauseous after each juice today.  No headache.  Hallelujah.

I colored for a bit.  I read for a bit.  A few people went out to shop.  I was able to go with them although I only went in two stores.  I spent more time just sitting in the shade people watching.  It is amazing how unfit and unhealthy most people look.  So many are limping because their hips are locked down.  So many are waddling or shuffling because they are carrying around too much weight or have a bad back.  So many people eating sweets and sodas and other crap.  It was a fashion show of unhealthy.  Of course, I’m the frail looking bag of bones moving slower than an 80 year old so I kind of fit right in.

The field trip might have been too much for me.  It was exhausting, but it was nice to have a change of scenery.  There was one restaurant that was grilling up meat for what I imagined to be very delicious tacos.  I contemplated going in there and ordering 17 tacos, but I think my friends would have either tackled me or joined me in the mad rush tearing the place apart for meat.  Either way it would have been a whole scene.  Plus one taco would probably send me to the hospital when my colon got to it and said hell no.  I don’t think you are supposed to go from 4 juices straight to 17 steak tacos.

I just rested the rest of the afternoon.  I will probably do one more day of juice and then start on raw veggies (no tacos).  I have to get up early tomorrow for blood work so I think I’ll look for a movie to watch and try to go to be early.

(c) All Rights Reserved Kimberly Fiore


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