First Bath (Days 4 and 5 Re-feeding)

The past two nights I’ve still had trouble sleeping, but still wake up feeling ok.  Maybe I don’t need as much sleep as I think?  My blood tests came back pretty good.  A few things were low, but the doctor said she would expect that since I’m coming off the fast.

Yesterday I had salad for each meal – basically lettuce and fruit.  Not the most exciting meals, but my body tolerated them well.  I had a very gurgly stomach, but no issues other than that.  Today was the same food except they added steamed broccoli at lunch and steamed spinach at dinner.   Hunger is coming back.  I’m hungry before each meal.

I’m still feeling quite left out.  It feels kind of like high school all over again.  The cool kids are hanging together and I’m eating alone.  It bothered me less, but it’s still odd.  I cried for a half hour today just feeling so alone. That seemed to clear some of it.  This is so stupid.  It makes me want to go home though.  I think I’m getting a little stir crazy here.  Plus I now probably have the energy to start letting this stuff come up and work it’s way through.  I actually expected the whole fast to be more emotional than it has been.  I’m surprised.

Today I couldn’t concentrate so I decided to walk the 3 blocks to Walgreens just to be somewhere different and see how walking that far would feel.  It was sooooooo far.  I did ok, but was quite exhausted by the time I got back.  They had the singing bowls again yesterday.  I really do enjoy those.  Today was yoga – It was still very simple yoga, but it felt good to move a little.

The most exciting thing though is I got to take a bath in a bath tub with soap and shampoo.  No more wash cloth baths for me.  It was glorious.

(c) All Rights Reserved Kimberly Fiore



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