Nothing Exciting to Report (Days 6 and 7 Refeeding)

Little by little, food is getting added back in to my system.  I seem to be tolerating it all well.  Yesterday they added potatoes and today I could have grains.  It was nice to have oatmeal for breakfast instead of a salad.  I think tomorrow I can start having salad dressing.  The salad dressings are made from scratch here so I’m not sure why that is the last thing to be added back in.

I went to the movies last night which was fun except the popcorn smelled so good and I’m sure that’s not a good idea.  So I tried to just enjoy the smell.  I did the labyrinth this morning.  I felt a little tired when I was done, but it wasn’t too much.  I might try some easy hikes after the holiday weekend.

Overall I’m feeling pretty good.  I’m quite bored and ready to go home, but since I extended my stay and it’s not refundable, I might as well stay and eat clean food for another week.  I’ve been working about 4 hours a day which helps with the boredom and the finances.  I spend the rest of the time reading, coloring or just sitting outside enjoying the nice weather.

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One thought on “Nothing Exciting to Report (Days 6 and 7 Refeeding)


    It was good talking with you today! When you get back we can go to Spavia and color together… I didn’t realize that you color, too. I haven’t colored in a couple of months, but I really love it!!

    Have a sweet week there this coming week,Kim, and get stronger every day.

    I love you, Suzi

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